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Trade Shows & Conferences

Create interactive digital experiences that increase attendee engagement, drive booth traffic, and enable the non-intrusive collection of rich attendee insights.



Stategies for guaranteeing event success

Trade shows and conferences provide a platform for brands to leave lasting impressions on attendees. It is important for organizers to understand the key considerations that can make or break these interactions and the success of the event as a whole.


Attendee engagement

Sustaining the interest of attendees throughout an event is key to its success. Organizers must leverage interactive activities and offer compelling content to develop attendee interest, increase engagement and justify booth visits.

Sponsor visibility

Limited exposure for vendors and sponsors can hinder opportunities for partnerships and brand visibility. Maximizing their exposure is essential for attracting support and enhancing the event experience.

Event feedback

Event evaluation and attendee feedback are essential for refining future strategies and enhancing satisfaction. Surveys and post-event assessments are key to facilitating valuable insights to drive continuous improvement efforts.

Level up your Trade Show and Conference engagement with Komo

Access the essential tools for unlocking event success, elevating engagement, and creating unprecedented experiences for all attendees.

Enable interactive engagement

Make low engagement a non-event

Don't settle for the old 'business card in the bowl' and 'free drink bottle' strategy. Drive attendee engagement like never before with gamified content and interactive activities that encourage attendee participation, enhance booth visits, and ensure information retention.

Capture attendee data

Capture leads without a fuss

Wouldn't it be great to have a platform that handled both the engagement and the lead capture? We're glad you asked! Komo provides tools for easy contact information exchange and lead generation, helping exhibitors and organizers track engagement and follow-up efficiently.

Gather valuable feedback

Let Komo be the ears on the floor

Don't let feedback capture be an afterthought. Facilitate live polls and surveys throughout the event with fun and interactive engagements that gauge attendee interests and experiences, offering valuable insights to refine future events and boost attendee satisfaction.


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