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Retain attention like never before

With Komo you can rapidly create interactive activations to more effectively engage, convert, and nurture customer relationships, driving greater revenue.

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The Ultimate Marketing Activations Platform

It’s never been more challenging for brands to connect with customers. Attention spans are at an all-time low and as a result, marketers are struggling to both capture and retain attention. Most mid-market and enterprise brands resort to self-built, single-use campaign microsites or outsource to expensive digital agencies, using basic survey tools and social media platforms. These experiences often lack relevance and value, failing to cut through the noise as customers are bombarded with uninspiring activations. Then came Komo...

What sets Komo apart?

From static, to dynamic, to magnetic

Komo empowers users to rapidly plan and launch ongoing activations, using an extensive suite of customizable and dynamic content, with no coding required. With complete customization options and CRM/CDP integration for comprehensive measurement, you'll attract customers like never before - all while adhering to data privacy regulations including GDPR, CCPA, and The Privacy Act.

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What's in it for you?

Forge deeper bonds, drive greater revenue

Execute activations that break engagement records, not budgets, with Komo. Establish direct relationships with customers, gain deeper insights into their preferences, deliver meaningful experiences, collect valuable zero and first-party data, and maintain attention across the entire customer lifecycle, ultimately resulting in increased revenue. 

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Core capabilities

Komo equips brands to better connect, nurture and grow customer relationships.

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