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Make channel flicking painless

Effortlessly distribute content across multiple channels, expand your audience reach with integrated marketing strategies, and gain comprehensive analytics for cross-platform performance tracking.


Leverage omni-channel distribution to reach your audience anytime, anywhere

Stadium Activations

Epic moments deserve the big screen

What do you get when you cross 80,00 fans with a big screen? A captive audience! Effortlessly engage fans and elevate the fan experience by amplifying your activation within stadiums or live events, using Komo's big screen integrations.

Broadcast Activations

Broadcast your marketing efforts far and wide

Don't let location hinder your campaign reach. Engage your audience from the comfort of their own homes by utilizing QR codes to showcase your activation through live televised broadcasts, extending brand visibility beyond the venue.

QR Code Activations

Promote here, there, and everywhere

Streamline your promotional efforts with the power of QR codes. Whether you promote your activation on product packaging, physical signage, or a vendor beverage cup in-venue, there’s a way to add a unique edge to every campaign.

Live Data Feed Activations

Enhance the fan experience in real time

Utilize live data feeds and real-time analytics to showcase game leaderboards, results, or share user-generated content. You'll be sure to generate fan excitement while also providing the opportunity to influence the content displayed on screen.


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