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Contact Management

Manage contacts like a pro

Market with impact through efficient contact management, accurate data capture, and focused audience segmentation. Obtain valuable customer insights to refine strategies and stimulate growth.


Drive marketing success and maximize ROI through data-driven decisions


No matter your data needs, Komo has you covered

Manage your contact data in the way that best suits your needs, with confidence that data sources are always in sync. Manage contacts entirely within the Komo ecosystem or effortlessly integrate with an external CRM - it's completely up to you!

Emails & SMS

Successful relationships are built on strong communication

Ensure effective communication is the cornerstone of your customer relationships by optimizing your communications. Manage outreach across various channels and time periods, enhancing the quality of connections through personalized messaging and engagement tracking.

Zero & First-Party Data

Interrogate and leverage data for campaign success

Understand customer preferences more deeply by capturing zero and first-party data in a non-intrusive way. Put this data to work by enhancing customer profiles and segmenting your data more accurately to improve campaign targeting and increase ROI.

Market Research

Dig a little deeper with market research

Incorporate market research into your surveys to extract valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior. Delve into demographic-specific data to uncover the dynamics that shape your industry, and leverage these insights to successfully execute your campaigns.


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