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Fan Conventions & Experiences

Generate event engagement like never before with Komo, the end-to-end solution designed to craft unforgettable experiences, covering every aspect from pre-event preparations to on-site execution and post-event follow-up.



Unlocking event success

Events are the culmination of many moving parts. If one of those parts fails, the success of the entire event is on the line. Uncover the key considerations that will ultimately determine whether your event will flourish or flop.


Attendee engagement

The success of an event hinges on maintaining attendee engagement throughout. Interactive activities and compelling content are key to driving interest and participation.

Vendor and sponsor exposure

Limited exposure for vendors and sponsors can hinder opportunities for partnerships and brand visibility. Maximizing their exposure is essential for attracting support and enhancing the event experience.

Post-event evaluation

Event evaluation and attendee feedback are essential for refining future strategies and enhancing satisfaction. Surveys and post-event assessments are key to facilitating valuable insights to drive continuous improvement efforts.

Komo has your event engagement handled

Get equipped with the essential strategies for unlocking event success, elevating engagement, and creating unforgettable experiences for all attendees.

Accelerate sales

Host events your audience won't want to miss

There's nothing quite like the excitement you feel leading up to a big event. Ensure your audience experiences that hype pre-event and guarantee ticket sales by hosting competitions that offer prizes redeemable during the event.

Enhance audience experience

Level up with digital experiences

Don't limit yourself to what is possible within the physical realm. Deliver a captivating digital destination for your event to elevate the attendee experience, ensuring they are entertained and educated.

Track real-time engagement

Keep your finger on the engagement pulse

Don't just take a 'set and forget' approach to running your event. Stay on top of engagement levels by capturing attendee engagement data and leverage insights to shape how you run your event.

Offer personalized recommendations

Everyone is unique. Add a personal touch

Make every interaction with your audience meaningful. Take your event efforts a step further by leveraging the data gathered to tailor your outreach to attendees and prospects with highly personalized event information and recommendations.


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