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How brands can thrive in the FMCG market

Consumers are surrounded by thousands of brands every day, making it difficult for FMCG brands to cut through. Discover the key areas brands can explore to gain the upper hand in this highly competitive market.

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Brand loyalty

In a saturated market, it can be difficult for FMCG brands to stand out. Brands that build lasting relationships with consumers to strengthen brand loyalty and trust will benefit from repeat business and advocacy.

Consumer education

Consumers are more conscious than ever in their purchase decisions and brands they choose to associate with. FMCG brands must clearly and honestly educate consumers about their products, benefits, usage instructions, and safety considerations to establish brand trust and loyalty.

ROI maximization

Consumers want to engage with brands that align with their personal interests, beliefs and needs. Understanding consumer preferences and personalizing their experiences should be a key strategy for driving higher sales and maximising ROI.

Unbox engagement and unlock growth with Komo

Establish brand experiences that improve consumers communications, bolster engagement and enhance the full customer journey to POS.

Uplift product launches

Make your product launches top-shelf

Don’t settle for product launches that fail to generate buzz and captivate your audience. Create and execute product launches that are more interactive and drive greater engagement by leveraging the power of gamification, through enticing games, competitions, and promotions.

Generate greater revenue

Let the revenue stream in

Make sure you don’t put all your revenue eggs in one basket. Improve the profitability of your business by effortlessly monetizing your content in new ways through gamification, rewards, and sponsorships.

Improve consumer education

Take your brand education from bland to grand

It’s well known that information retention is more successful through fun and interactive learning experiences than those that are uninspiring and bland. Develop brand campaigns that leverage gamification to improve the education of your products, keep your brand front-of-mind, and establish lasting consumer loyalty.

Elevate market research

Run market research consumers love

We’re all guilty of ignoring calls from brands to take part in important market research. Be the brand that customers love talking to and effortlessly gather first-party consumer data through engaging content that can be used to solidify your marketing strategy and product development.


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