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Easily create interactive digital experiences that enhance the live broadcast, own the second screen, and improve overall viewer engagement, all while collecting rich viewer insights.


Turning up the volume on viewer engagement

An opportunity to fine-tune viewer engagement

A fragmented media industry is making it more difficult for media brands to find a competitive edge. Explore the biggest challenges media brands must address to stand out and deliver true engagement.


Audience engagement

Evolving audience behaviors and preferences are leading to an increasingly fragmented media landscape. It is critical that media brands develop strategies to keep up with these changes and maintain long-term viewer interest and engagement.

Monetization challenges

Rapid changes in the media landscape and various other factors make revenue generation challenging. Media brands must explore alternative revenue streams and business models to stimulate ongoing growth and profitability.

Real time data

With changes to how audiences are consuming media, brands must stay ahead of industry trends. Obtaining accurate audience measurement data to assess viewership and engagement trends will provide insights into strategies that best foster long-term engagement.

Maintain viewer attention from start to finish with KOMO

Drive commercial growth by creating new revenue streams, boosting engagement, and unlocking valuable insights into audience sentiment and behavior.

Capture viewer sentiment

Find out how viewers really feel

Don't fly blind when it comes to connecting with your audience. Capture powerful data that reveals audience sentiment and behavior, ensuring you deliver content that grabs their attention and resonates with them.

Unlock new revenue

Double down on sponsorships

Diversify your revenue strategies by leveraging the power of sponsorships and advertisements. Showcase sponsors and advertisements non-intrusively through gamified experiences, unlocking new revenue streams and creating enjoyable experiences for your viewers

Enhance viewer experience

Own the second screen effortlessly

Wouldn't it be great to be everywhere, at any one time? Easily connect with your audience while they are watching by using the second screen to offer gamified experiences and incentives that enhance the viewer experience. 

Gather viewer data

Connect with your audience on a deeper level

You already have your audience engaged. Why not get to know them more deeply at the same time? Respectfully collect zero and first-party data through gamified experiences to better understand your audience and their preferences for more personalized content delivery.


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