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Retail & Shopping

Enrich the retail journey with immersive digital solutions, leveraging data-driven insights to personalize customer engagement and supporting omnichannel marketing strategies for expanded outreach.



Unveiling the key drivers for Retail success

The Retail and Shopping space has been transformed by rapid changes in consumer trends and preferences. Discover the key areas you can address in order to thrive in this dynamic industry.


Foot traffic

Retail stores are suffering from a decline in foot traffic due to changes in consumer behavior, including the rise of online shopping. Brands must consider how they can continue to engage with customers to stimulate ongoing sales.

Consumer preferences

The ongoing success of Retail lies in the ability to deeply understand consumer preferences. Learning from consumer experiences and loyal customers is essential in identifying areas for brand optimization.

Brand exposure

Unless brands are front-of-mind for consumers, the likelihood of driving sales is slim. To maximize sales opportunities for new and upcoming retailers, there must be a focus on discovering new methods for increasing consumer exposure and traffic.

Make retail dynamic with Komo

Gain valuable consumer insights to inform decision-making, optimize retail experiences, and implement strategies that elevate overall success.

Foster customer loyalty

Become the brand that everybody remembers

Make your brand one that customers truly love and repeatedly come back to. Connect with your customers through engaging gamified experiences that generate excitement, enriching the customer journey and keeping your brand front-of-mind.

Capture rich data

Know consumers better than anyone

Go deep on understanding consumer preferences while maintaining a privacy-first customer experience. Easily capture rich zero and first-party data through gamified experiences to deeply understand your audience and personalize retargeting.

Drive foot traffic

MBAMGA - Make bricks and mortar great again

Make retail stores the place to be by encouraging return visits. Create captivating and immersive consumer promotions, redeemable in-venue, or reward your audience with digital coupons integrated directly with your POS system.

Bolster sales

Close the marketing gap

Leave no stone unturned with your omnichannel marketing efforts. Reach your customers at all times, wherever they are, through interactive content, games, and competitions that increase engagement and convert to sales.


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