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Sport Sponsors

Boost your sports sponsorship and engage fans through interactive experiences and sports gamification. Collect real-time data, gain essential fan insights, and conduct targeted fan promotions for enhanced brand and sponsor activations.



The fan engagement gameplan for sponsors

Without fans, the sports industry could not survive. It is critical for sponsors to engage their audience, but the reality is that it's often difficult to do so. Discover the key areas sponsors must address to thrive within this exciting industry.


Fan engagement

The work of sponsors doesn't just begin and end with the whistle. Keeping fans interested and engaged must be an ongoing effort and requires the provision of fresh, interactive content that adds value for fans.

Content pipeline

While providing ongoing content to fans is imperative, filling the void between games can be challenging. Sponsors must leverage strategies and tools that empower ongoing and meaningful connections with fans through engaging content.

Fan community

A strong sports community thrives on personal interaction, communication, and engagement. Sponsors must focus on nurturing communities built on this foundation, where fans feel deeply connected to the teams they love.

Fuel fan loyalty and supercharge engagement  wth Komo

Captivate your fanbase with interactive content. Gain deep insights into fan behavior, measure real-time sentiment, and expand your reach. It's everything sports sponsors need to win over fans for life.

Bolster Fan Engagement

Keep your fans coming back for more

With Komo, you'll have all the tools you need to plug those content gaps and continuously engage fans. Through gamified experiences and interactive content, you'll be able to activate your brand wherever your audience is, to create unforgettable fan experiences they won't be able to do without.