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Sports Teams & Leagues

Deploy interactive digital experiences and customizable campaigns to support brand and sponsor activations, and enhance fan engagements. Leverage tools for real-time data capture and fan insights to maximize the impact and ROI of your campaigns.



Identifying the key drivers for sports engagement prowess

With an enormous fan base, sports brands are in prime position to deliver winning engagements. Discover the key hurdles you must overcome to foster greater engagement with your brand.


Engagement and interaction

The fan experience doesn't just begin and end on gameday. It is critical to consistently interact with fans through engaging and relevant content to maintain interest and engagement over time.

Fan understanding

There is no 'I' in 'team' but there is an 'M' and 'E'. Though they support one team, every fan is unique. Fan experiences must cater to individual preferences and interests to truly be meaningful and drive overall engagement.

Communication processes

Sports teams are communities that fans want to feel a part of. Ensure your fans feel informed and connected through strong communication and information on team updates and news.

Create raving fans with Komo

Establish a cohesive and enjoyable sports community for athletes and fans by making fan engagement and experience a priority.

Engage anywhere, anytime

Make every day feel like gameday

Make your work off the field as solid as your work on the field. Create exciting digital experiences and engage with fans, both during the season and off-season, to enhance the overall fan experience and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Increase ROI

Team up on sponsor engagements

Leverage sponsorships by incorporating gamified experiences and exclusive offers to enhance brand visibility, captivate audiences, and forge deeper connections between sponsors and fans — ultimately building commercial and sponsor ROI.

Engage in-stadium

Capitalize on your captive audience

Don't waste the opportunity presented by sold-out stadiums. Captivate your audience with exclusive in-stadium experiences and showcase your brand on the big screen with interactive games, experiences, and competitions, drawing maximum attention and engagement.

Gather fan data

You miss 100% of the fans you don't engage

Nobody likes being on the bench. Ensure your fans feel included by gathering market research, fan sentiment, and first-party data, and personalizing your campaigns to deepen the brand-to-fan connection.


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